Junsjazz Images & Inspiration Issue #6 - Page 28

I’m Jennifer- a 22 year old photography student from Florida. I moved to my current city right before high school and had to find a new creative outlet, since orchestra wasn’t an option for me here. I found myself in a darkroom photography class and knew this medium was for me. My first miniature tableau photographs came during my first college photography class. I did a series with those little monkeys from quarter-machines. The images definitely weren’t very good, but the idea of creating a landscape and a life for these tiny things opened up the world of photography for me.

I typically shoot inside - setting up lights and scenes to create new worlds - in this way, I don’t look for a good shot, I make one. However, when shooting outside, lighting is key. I find my subject and then stand and observe until I see the best lighting situation - from that spot is where I frame my shot.

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Nichole Wells

I don’t look

for a good shot,

I make one.