Junsjazz Images & Inspiration Issue #6 - Page 26

Photography for me is synonymous to traveling. I travel to take photos and I take photos every time I travel. I prefer to show a different perspective of a famous landmark instead of following the standard formula of taking a landscape or a wide shot. I try as much as possible to capture something that other travelers do not see in person…sort of an ‘out of the box’ ‘out of the blue’ interpretation of a subject. Since most of the images that I have captured through my viewfinder were all the things, places, nature, wildlife and or moments with local people that gave me a feeling of comfort and pleasure, I decided to create a blog to share my travel experiences. Photography allows me to capture these moments: my encounter with local people, the uniqueness of each country I visited and the memorable events that transpired during my journey. Through my photos, I am able to share the things that are happening around me…things that others cannot and will not be able to see in person.

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Susan Mae


I prefer to show

a different perspective of a famous landmark.