June/July 2022 ASCE-NH Newsletter June/July 2022 | Page 5

Board Member of the Month – Nicholas Golon , P . E .
A couple of fun Civil Engineer facts to get us started …
Engineer and Architect – one and the same : Until the 18th century , the terms “ architect ” and “ engineer ” were interchangeable . Scary but thought provoking , no ?
The Institution of Civil Engineers was founded by eight civil engineers in 1818 , in a coffee shop in London . The youngest of these founders was just 19 years old . Given Engineer ’ s love of coffee , this makes a lot of sense .
If you ’ ve ever tried to beat the summer heat by going down a waterslide , you can thank a civil engineer . They were able to determine the right ratio of water to flume , so you slide instead of getting stuck . Who said engineers don ’ t have a fun side ?
What do these three things have to do with me ? Well … I am a licensed engineer , I love coffee , and like to think I have a fun side , but if nothing else I got you to read this far !
President - Elect .
My Name is Nick Golon , but also go by Dad , Husband , Friend , and Engineer , and in this my 10 th consecutive year on the ASCE-NH Board of Directors , you can also call me
In writing this bio I tried to think of a few things I haven ’ t mentioned over the last ten years . Where I grew up ( Naples , Maine ), where I went to School ( Wentworth Institute of Technology ), where I work and in what capacity ( TFMoran , Inc . – Principal and Senior Project Manager ), hobbies ( gardening , landscaping ), Family ( Wife – Lee , Kids – Elise , Adeline and Cassian ) have all been covered in various capacities . So I thought for this year I would try something a little different and give you five random “ funnish ” facts about me .
Fact # 1
My hero ’ s growing up were my parents , but closer than expected runners up were Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell , and Homer Simpson . An unorthodox combination of characters perhaps but for those that know me well , this will make sense .
Fact # 2
Favorite movie is always a difficult decision , so I ’ ll give you my top three in no particular order …
1 . Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back 2 . Brave Heart 3 . Big Bonus Movie # 1 – Star Wars Rogue One Bonus Movie # 2 – Shawshank Redemption
Ok , so its more of a top five , but if any of these come on TV , I have a hard time not watching to the end .
Fact # 3
I own more apparel that says ASCE on it then anything else , but Star Wars is nipping at their heels .
Fact # 4
I am passionate about my work and absolutely love being a civil engineer . I have hobbies , but I would likely consider my job one of them
Fact # 5
I missed my calling as a sports play by play announcer . Seriously , watch a game with me , you won ’ t notice the difference .
So that ’ s a little bit about me . Looking forward to seeing you all over the course of this years ’ ASCE-NH events and feel free to share a fun fact along the way !