June/July 2022 ASCE-NH Newsletter June/July 2022 | Page 16


JUNE / JULY CHALLENGE How many politicians are on this island ?

You are traveling around the world and you discover a unique island . You learn that the inhabitants of this island possess very unique qualities . First of all , all politicians are liars , and always lie . The inhabitants that are not politicians always tell the truth . When you meet the first inhabitant you ask him if he is a politician , he answers . Upon meeting the second inhabitant , he claims that the first inhabitant denied being a politician . The third inhabitant states that the first inhabitant is , indeed , a politician . How many politicians have you encountered ?
Please send you answers to Thomas Selling via e-mail : thomasselling @ me . com Correct responses will be recognized in the future issues of the New Hamps Civil Engineer .


The thief is the Pakistani guy . It is because the flag of Japan looks same when upside down and no one can tell if it is upside down . So , he was telling a lie .

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