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September 2017 September 2017 V isitation OF OUR LADY PARISH Good Stewards Forgive the Way Agnes Forgives We all want to get to heaven. And, why not? Wanting an eternity of perfect joy, peace, pleasure, happiness and fun is a no brainer. That question is easy to answer. The next one, though, does not have a universally easy answer. The second question is this: are we willing to pay the price to get God’s forgiveness? Okay, here’s a related but similar question. Are we people who honor our word? If we say yes, do we actually do it? Do we really keep our word? I hope so because heaven hangs in the balance. We give our word every time we say the Our Father. And, since we all say thousands of Our Fathers in our lives, we give our word thousands of times. To...GOD!! Each and every time we say the Our Father, we contract with God. Here are the words of that contract: “And, forgive us our trespasses (sins) AS we forgive those who trespass against us.” Done. By us. Thousands of times. We give our word. We contract with God to get only as much forgiveness as we give. So, here’s the bottom line. If we don’t forgive, we don’t get forgiveness. And, without forgiveness, we get NO HEAVEN. We need to become like Agnes. The following is a modern parable based on a true story. Harry is driving to work. His cell phone rings. He accidentally knocks it to the floor. Harry bends over to retrieve his phone. He loses control of his car. It slams into Mack’s car. Harry survives. Continued on page 8 -1- Inside Page 2 Keeping Your Teeth (And Your Soul) Pearly White  Page 3 Fr. Francis Visits Australia   Page 4 Our Lady of the Rosary  Page 5  CCD Meeting Mary Page 6 Terrific Twos Cub Scouts Get Up Close With Nature At Global Wildlife   Page 7 Parish Mission   Page 8 Pet Blessing