June 2018 SPECIAL EDITION September 2015 Issue

V September, 2015 isitation September 2015 of Our Lady Parish Newsletter 3500 Ames Blvd., Marrero, LA 70072 504.347.2203 Inside Church -2- Events Good Stewards Live God’s Values, Not the World’s Values I believe we all know the Gospel story of the rich young man. However, I believe many of us mangle the message. Jesus did NOT tell the rich young man he had to sell all his stuff to get into heaven. No, Jesus didn’t say that. Here’s what Jesus did say. Jesus told the rich young man that, standing alone, no human can get into heaven. Jesus said, without God’s help, heaven is beyond every human’s grasp. But, Jesus went on, with God’s help, all of us can get into heaven by following the commandments. And the commandments, however rigorous they might be, do not require us to give away all our possessions. Yes, Jesus did recommend that the young man sell all he had, give it to the poor and follow him. But, that suggestion was in response to the young man asking how he could become PERFECT. Now, I have no doubt Jesus would have liked the young man to give his wealth to the poor. Yet, I suspect Jesus was being, at least in part, facetious. The Christian virtue of being detached from worldly things does not mean we must give up our things but that we would give them up, if necessary. It also means we follow Jesus’ requirement that we give sacrificially to Church and charity. (continued on page 8) -1-  -3VOL - Back to School    -4VOL Youth Ministry Upcoming Events -5VOL Kindergarteners Get a Special Visitor   Cornerstone Kids Mentoring Program -6Our Lady of Sorrows Novena  Parish Mission  Pet Blessing -7VOL School Celebrates 50 Years