June 2018 SPECIAL EDITION August 2015 Issue

V August 2015 AUGUST 2015 isitation of Our Lady Parish Newsletter 3500 Ames Blvd., Marrero, LA 70072 504.347.2203 Website: vol.org Inside 2 - And Then There Was Light 3 - VOL School 50th Anniversary 4 - Power of Forgiveness 5 - Parish Mission: Surge of the Spirit 6 - Youth Corner, Our Lady of Sorrows Novena, Throw Away Culture 7 - Online Giving App, Calendar Raffle 8 - Coffee and Donut Social Good Stewards Know What Goes Around Should Not Always Come Around Does forgiving others sometimes bother you? It does me. Our emotions get in the way. It is common for me to hear in the Confessional, “I can’t do it, Father. I can’t stand him. Just thinking about him makes my blood boil. I can’t forgive.” Well, Jesus says we can. He says more. He says we must forgive. Everyone. As often as there is a need. So, let’s explore this seeming dilemma. Remember Joseph in the Old Testament? Joseph started life as a nobody. He was the youngest of a gaggle of brothers. Back then, that meant he had no rights. Nonetheless, Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him. He was Daddy’s favorite. So, they tried to kill Joseph. That didn’t work, and they sold him into slavery. Joseph wound up in Egypt. Resourceful, Joseph became the Governor of Egypt, the second most powerful official in the country. Famine struck Joseph’s homeland. His brothers travelled to Egypt to get welfare, free food. As Governor, Joseph was in charge of welfare. When his brothers arrived, they didn’t recognize him, but he recognized them. What did he do? Did he yell and scream at Continued on page 8 - 1 -