Journeys Fall/Winter 2016 - Page 7

Cabarrus launched the program in October 2015 with basic archery classes and tournaments. More than 200 participants have taken aim at targets ranging from bull’s-eyes to balloons with bragging rights on the line. “Archery is one of many activities offered at the Cabarrus County Senior Centers that make it possible for seniors to overcome notions of limitations,” Park Program Manager Byron Haigler said. The monthly 90-minute classes allow for one-onone instruction. Though the participants range in age, skill and physical ability, everyone lights up as they grab the bow and arrow and hear the support of the classmates. “Through technology and instruction on how to overcome their personal challenges, our students are finding they can participate at a level they didn’t Continued on page 6 Annette Young (pictured above) loves being able to do something she never thought she could. 5