Journey Magazine November 2019 Journey Magazine November 2019 - Page 4

Shine On Hairstylist Sheena Dickerson Muslim & Making It Dickerson is the owner of QueenStylista’s Mane Artistry salon in Philly   Dickerson Speaks because we have hair that      "Muslim women are needs care and maintenance overlooked because we are like everyone else.      My proudest achievement not the beauty industry standard. Our religion does thus far definitely has to be my classes. I have to be honest: not take away from how dope we are as artists.          Teaching was something that I did not want to do, but I knew I     There are so many Muslim stylists that go would be called to it.      unnoticed and even more Teaching takes me out of my Muslim women that need comfort zone. I hate people our assistance. Someone gawking at me and critiquing has to be the voice for our my work. I’m so happy I stepped Ummah  (Muslim out on faith and I’m very proud Community) of myself for doing so."