Journaled Volume Two | Page 2


"Love is a deeper season than reason; My sweet one."

-E.E. Cummings

Challenge Me

This new challenge is a fifteen day challenge. For this challenge I want you to come up with five different characters, one per day. Then on days six through ten start each of their different backstories, one per day. On days eleven through fourteen create four different love stories. Make sure all the characters are used. Everyone doesn't have to appear in each one, but you have to use only these five characters. Anyone else, like a waitress, does not get a background. They are just a flat character, or background noise, and should be used as a place holder only.

On day fifteen connect all four stories. Throughout this challenge do not change the characters core personality. This challenge is about exploring your own creativity but being able to write without fluctuating your story and keeping it consistent. Have fun.