Journaled Volume Three | Page 5

Fairest by Marrisa Meyer Finished

This book, man. There are three reasons why I hate/love this book. I wasn't going to buy it. It was one of those in-between reads to tide you over to the next one. I hate those little snippets in between. My thoughts are, "If you have time to write 200 pages of filler then you are clearly finished with the next book in the series and should just release that."

The second reason is because who this book is about. If you have not read any of the series I won't spoil it for you. I'll just say that this book is the bad guys backstory. Why they are the way they are. I guess to garner sympathy or just to explain. But no dice. I have no sympathy for the evil bastard.

The last reason is what happened in the book. The main character, Queen Levana, is no hero. She is not the protagonist based soley off the definition of the word. The audience cannot relate to her because she is a physcopath. Every thought, every action proves just how insane she is. But the book was compelling nontheless. It was just so hard to believe that such a person, fictional or not, could exist.

Rogue Wave by Jennifer Donnelly Just Started

So, this is the sequel to the book Deep Blue. I haven't really got into it yet because I just finished Fairest. But I am really excited to read it because of all the good reviews, without spoilers, that I skimmed through.