Journaled Volume Three | Page 9

I don't want to lose you

Cause I'm not strong enough

But this stress is so unreal

Please promise me

That I have all of you

I really need your help to deal

Please don't ever give up on me

Cause every single day

I give up on everything

I'm just in too much pain

The world is reall such a tiny little place

Sometimes it drives me insane

All these questions in my head

I wonder who's winning in this race

Traffif jams happen every day

Can I ever get ahead

Rome wasn't built in a day

I guess he's testing my own strength

I've found a tiny bit of peace

In a place with so much hate

It wasn't easy but it's possible

There's always another way

It only takes one person to hear

And you to persevere

And that shows you're tougher than you know

Someone in the world loves you so