Journaled Volume Six | Page 9

Origin (Lux series #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout Finished

I honestly thought that the series could end here. It seemed like evertthing would be wrapped up nicely with a neat little bow. Then she throws a freaking monkey wrench in that plan. I mean I just felt like everything was becoming redundant. The plot twist you could see a mile away, and yet I hoped she wouldn't do it. We didn't need an additional rescuse mission. They shouldn't have been so dumb as to walk straight into a trap in the first place. Yes, they explain it away. They have good intention ans reasons but they were foolish. How could that seriously not count on that double cross. If anything should have been a definite in their lives it should have been that they would be double crossed by that good for nothing murdering hybrid. I mean sure they "had no choice," but they should have had a back up plan in place. Just saying.

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