Journaled Volume Six | Page 14

safe in your arms. I can't explain it. I knew what this was. I just hoped for a different outcome. This always happens to me. Because I put myself in these situations where I expect more than what I originally asked for.

I wanted you to be someone you didn't want to be. I wanted you to be my other half. And I sorta thought you were for a while. I convinced myself of that. Laughable, I know. I just couldn't shake you.

I still think of you every now and then. It's crazy but sometimes I roll over hoping you are there. But all this hoping doesn't make anything happen.

Because you aren't the one for me. And I accept that now. And believe me that was hard. Because I kinda just dived head first into the feelings pool hoping you'd follow, and when you didn't I awoke. I realized we were never we, and it would never be.


Cynically Alone Hopeful Romantic