Journaled Volume Seven - Page 9

she foolishly believes she can outwit her nemesis, who is just as old as her boyfriend. He clearly is toying with her and everyone can see it but her. So she dumbly dips into some powerful magic that she, one knows nothing about, and two can't control. She ends up messing everything royally and, then she, of course, stubbornly refuses help. Thus making her problem only grow worse, and more out of control.

Dark Flame (The Immortals #4) by Alyson Noel Finished

I so wanted to give up on Ever and this series one book ago, but I was too invested. This book is like a car wreck. You want to look away but can't, you are to curious. You just have to know how it all plays out. I'm not saying that the writing is bad, but Ever is just so unbelievably dumb it's just hard to relate. I mean one can only suspend their disbelief but so far. But In this book Ever makes up for her horrible choices. You start to see the girl from the first two books again. You see her start to