Journaled Volume Seven - Page 6

Of course if you ever had a panic attack you know it feels like your dying. You feel like everything is ending. And in your mind it is, which causes you to hypervenilate more.

Fear drives you to anxiety's doorstep and they hold you hostage, but the key to fighting both of them is simple. If you believe. Sure everyone says "It's all in your head," and yeah it is that's why it's so crippling. You are your own worst critic.

If you go back to last month's challenge, you will see how I talked about living a positive lifestyle. Sure it's easy to say but once you try a little each day it gets better. It gets eaiser with time and patience. Believe me it was a rocky road. Anxiety still pops over every once in a while to scare me shitless.

But once you start talking the negativity out of your life step by step, it gets eaiser. You become an old pro at kicking anxiety and fear to the curb. Now I'm not saying this is a cure.