Journaled Volume Seven | Page 14

You don't know how I feel. I mean you know that I have feelings for you but you can't know the extent of said feelings.

Of course I could always say something, but...

If I say something and you don't feel the same my dreams become bleak. Rejection I'll get over, it's no big deal. I'm an adult I can handle it, probably.

But the fact that I can dream about you, or think about you again. That is what is going to suck. Beacuse everytime something reminds me of you, which is all the time lately, who can I tell?

My friends are going to get sick of me, being this silly person who can't speak up. It's just I'd rather live in my reverie instead of the truth. Even if the truth is what I want. If you feel the same I am pretty sure I won't know what to do with myself. If this is what you want too, if we