Journaled Volume One - Page 9

The sun shone bright

The heavens opened up

Sending down the blissful rain

To wash away the untold deed

Day Nine: Epigram

A short satirical and witty poem usually written as a couplet or a quatrain but can also be a single line. It is brief and forceful statement with a funny ending.

The judge promised to be fair

To see all sides

To listen to both stories impartially

While thinking of the bribe he just accepted

Day Ten/Last Day: Cinquain

Created by Adelaide Crapsey; contrasts of five unrhymed lines. Each line has a different set of syllables. First line has 2, the second 4, the third six, the fourth 8, and the fifth 2.

Tears fall2

You tell me lies4

We fight, we yell, we hate6

Say you remember the good times8

Just stay2