Journaled Volume One - Page 7

Round and round on the ferris wheelA

Lights and sounds fade in and outB

Day Five: Acrostic

An acrostic poem is the type of poem where the first, last, or random letters of each line spell out a word.

People walking by, and watching

Everyone is staring

Anybody there, does anybody care?

Nobody really cares, all they do is stare

Unable to move on, i'm not ready to be strong

To much is happening, just call ne when it all


Day six: Ballad

Tells a story, which, are often used in song because of the rhyme scheme. They are often about a love stroy.

From First sight

I thought that I might

Fall for someone like you

Who clearly doesn't have a clue

Months start to fade

My heart is turning another shade

You awakened my soul

Have me aiming for that goal