Journaled Volume One - Page 6

There once was a fish from Kalamazooa

He liked to dance and say "How do you do?"a

He'd dance smart jigb

While he was eating a figb

Swimming to and fro from Timbuktua

Day Three: Echo Verse

When the last word or syllable in a line is repeated or echoed to make a rhyming line. Usually ending with the last line being the title of the poem.

Rushing forwards and back

Echo: track

First a gentle kiss

echo: miss

Then a violent splash

Echo: smash

A cool relief from sun haze

echo: wave

Day Four: Triolet

Fixed rhythmical form with repeated lines. Eight lines with a set rhyming scheme. AB aA ab AB

Round and round on the ferris wheelA

Lights and sounds fade in and outB

No face, no voice, no time to heala

Round and round on the ferris wheelA

Displaced thoughts, troubled soul, nothing left to feela

Upside down, backwards, up to my eyeballs in doubtb