Journaled Volume One - Page 12

Poem Nominations

So, in every issue this portion of the magazine will include the poems that were sent in to me. I will personally read each poem sent in and pick three and publish them here.

The only requirement is nothing too vulgar or harmful, to yourself or others. There is no age requirements and no fee. All I ask is to send no more than two at a time.

You can always submit for future issues. Just let me know. Sometimes there will be topics other times it will just be free thought poems. I will always include what the next round of poem topics are at the end of the nominations.

This first round of poems are my own, since this is the first issue, and were part of a three day challenge. This round and the next round of poetry will be quote inspried. So, find your favorite quote and write a poem based off of that quote.

Please email your poems at: [email protected]