Journaled Volume One - Page 11

Book It Challenge

So, I know we already have a ten day writing challenge, but I am confident that you guys can multitask. On top of that challenge I challenge you guys to read at least one hundred books in one year.

I am currently doing this exact same challenge on Goodreads. I have not gotten very far. I am at 19% right now, and the year is almost over. I am slacking in my self-imposed reading challenge.

So, I challenge you guys to read 100 books in exactly one year. You can keep track on Goodreads, or write it down. It could also help if you joined a book club. that way you can share your excitement, sadness, or anger at whatever you choose to read.

Being well read is something that can make for interesting conversation topics. It also can impress your teachers/professors, interviewers, and bosses.

Reading is also a great reprieve from the craziness of life. Escaping into a book has always been one of my favorite things to do when life became to stressful. I hope you can enjoy it too.