Journaled Volume One - Page 10

What's the word?

So, this is the part where I tell you the latest book I am obsessed with.

I just finished two books recently. The first is "The Silent Wife" by A.A. Harrison, and the second one "Shadows of Bourbon street" by Deanna Chase; is part of a e-book series called Jade Calhoun series.

I loved The Silent wife. It is quite an interesting talke about this couple who seemingly has it all. Until he ends up dead.

The imagery makes you want to fall in love with words all over again, at least that's how I feel. Harrison's writing style is refresing. Some of it has a familiar feel to it if you read Flynn's "Gone Girl," but it is not the same book at all. I loved Gone Girl, I own it, but The Silent Wife is a completely different story.

The Jade Calhoun series is by far one of my favorite series. I stumbled upon it while shopping on Amazon. It was the best impulse buy ever. It has everything. It's witty, sharp, funny, sexy, and an all around entertaining read. The e-books are pretty cheap so you should definately get a sample and get hooked today.