Journaled Volume Eight | Page 8

IF I Stay by Gayle Foreman Finished

This was a super quick read. I read it like in a day and a half. It was fast paced and didn't drag on with pesky erroneous details. I originally thought I would be annoyed with the constant back and forth time jumps but it worked. I also had to get used to the no chapters thing, but that only bothered me because I couldn't say "just one more chapter."

I loved how Foreman told this story. You felt empathic towards Mia and her inner struggle. Should she choose life or death? Off the bat it seems like a no brainer. But the more you delve into the story you get as confused as she was. You want what she wants. The time shifts work perfectly because just as she leans in one position here's this reminder why she shouldn't. You feel as stuck as she is. You wish the choice could be made for her but it all boils down