Journaled Volume Eight | Page 3


Carte blance n.

1.unconditional authority; full discretionary power

Indulgence n.

1.the act or practice of indulging; gratification of desire.

2.the state of being indulgent.

3.indulgent allowance or tolerance.

4.a catering to someone's mood or whim; humoring

5.somthing inulged in

Laxity n.

1.the state or quality of being lax; looseness.

Leeway n.

1.extra time, space, materials, or the like, within which to operate; margin.

2.a degree of freedom of action or thought

Prerogative n. exclusive right, privilege, etc., exercised by virtue of rank, office or the like

2.a right, privilege, etc., limited to specific person or to persons of a particular category