Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy Volume 1, Number 2, Fall/Winter 2020


The Journal of Critical Infrastructure Policy

Editor ’ s Letter Richard M . Krieg
Largest US Electric Grid Organization Addresses COVID-19 Editor ’ s Interview with PJM President & CEO Manu Asthana
Supply Chain Resilience : Push and Pull in Catastrophes Phillip J . Palin
How Nuclear Power Can Transform the Grid and Critical Infrastructure Resilience
Sherrell R . Greene
The COVID-19 Pandemic : Energy Market Disruptions and Resilience
Alexander Q . Gilbert and Morgan D . Bazilian
COVID-19 Implications for Research and Education on Engineered Structures and Services
David Mendonca , Jose Orlando Gomes , Tracy Kijewski-Correa , Ann-Margaret Esnard , and Julio Ramirez
Control System Cyber Security Joseph Weiss
Building Resilience and Recoverability of Electric Grid Communications
Thomas Popik and David Winks
COVID-19 Case Study : Public Private Partnerships in Maryland Allegra A . Tartaglia and Kyle R . Overly
COVID-19 and the Case for A National Food Emergency Stockpile Maggie Davis , Netta Squires , and Chris Webster
Electric Power Grid Disruption : A Time Series Examination Brian K . Harte and Umesh Kumar