Joshua Community Guide 2020 - Page 28

College, career ready Joshua ISD offers courses to prepare students for future E nsuring students are prepared for both college and the workforce is the goal for Joshua ISD. From giving students the opportunity to earn industry certifications to giving them a head start on their college degree, JISD Superintendent Fran Marek said their goal is to prepare their students for anything life is thrown at them. “CTE courses provide students with knowledge for both the workforce and college,” Marek said. “These courses are beneficial and important in preparing our students for life after high school. Af- ter successfully completing a CTE coher- ent sequence, students are prepared for certain workforce fields as well, as col- lege degree plans.” Students have many Career & Techni- cal Education pathways to choose from with three endorsements: business and industry, public services and STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Postsecondary Readiness Director Brooklyn Shafer said eighth grade is when students choose their high school graduation plan. “What they’re working to do is choos- ing their endorsement for high school and creating their personal graduation plan for all four years of high school,” Shafer said. “Then, in ninth grade they start taking classes towards those en- dorsements.” The pathways include: • Agriculture, food and natural re- sources: This focuses on the essential ele- ments of life — food, water, land and air — and includes a divers spectrum of oc- cupations ranging from farmer, rancher and veterinarian to geologists or land conservationist. It also includes non-tra- ditional agricultural occupations. • Web development, animation and audio/visual: This focuses on careers in designing, producing, exhibiting, per- forming, writing and publishing multi- media content including visual and per- forming arts and design, journalism and entertainment services. Careers require a creative aptitude, strong background in computer and technology applications, academic foundation and a proficiency in oral and written communication. • Business management: This teaches students how to plan, direct and coordi- nate the administrative services and op- erations of an organization. Students will the skills necessary to formulate policies, manage daily operations and allocate the use of materials and human resources. 28 Joshua Community Guide