Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2018 JBHF Donor Report 2018 - Page 15

Thank you. Over the past six and half years our community has supported our hospital in unprecedented ways. This support includes the philanthropic leadership of many including our Board of Directors and Campaign Cabinet. Thank you to the following people for your incredible support. Board of Directors 2011 - 2018 Bob Basadur; Dr. John Bozek; Kevin Brady; Susan Busby; Michelle Cisecki; Don Dalicandro; Leon Denbok; Dr. Frank Fornasier; Carmela Friday; Stephen Friday; Mitchell Gibbs; Mel Griffin; Dr. Arshad Hack; Dr. Patricia Hannon; Brian Heagle; Anissa Hilborn; Peter Hogarth † ; Brenda Hunter; Anna Iacobelli; Ken Jaques; Oran Johnson; Tracy King; Elizabeth Law; Diana Lawrie; Pat Magowan; Dom Mercuri; Susan Moore; Katie Murray; Dr. Heather Norman; David O’Reilly; Kathryn Osborne; Michael O’Sullivan; Andrea Parliament; Beth Parojcic; Shaun Power; Randy Smallbone; Lori Stephenson; Jim Sweetlove; Brian Torsney † ; Eric Vandewall. Our New Era Campaign Cabinet 2011 - 2018 Kevin Brady, Co-Chair; Brenda Hunter, Co-Chair; Ralph Sgro, Vice-Chair; Susan Busby; Dr. Ben Carruthers; Leon Denbok; Dan Desrochers; Steve Duffield; Rick Giuliani; Mel Griffin; Dr. Arshad Hack; Anissa Hilborn; Peter Hogarth † ; John Krpan; Doug Leggat; Harrison Livermore; Hugh Loomans; Dom Mercuri; Clement Messere; Susan Moore; Diane Peller; Shaun Power; Ted Scherle; Randy Smallbone; Don Smith; Shirley Thomas-Weir; Brian Torsney † ; Eric Vandewall. Donor Report 2017-2018 15