Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2018 JBHF Donor Report 2018 | Page 3

From the Foundation Dear donors, Thank you. These two words can’t express the appreciation and gratitude we have for your ongoing and generous support of our hospital and our community. In early 2012, we embarked on the largest fundraising campaign in our history. The $60 Million goal of the Our New Era Campaign was ambitious, but necessary to ensure our hospital could be transformed into a modern healthcare facility to meet the needs of a growing and aging population. Over the next 2,460 days, we saw some incredible numbers including over 15,000 donors helping us raise $65,189,783, or an average of $26,499 per day. This incredible accomplishment simply would not have been possible without you coming together and supporting our hospital at unprecedented levels. You helped make the vision for a new Joseph Brant Hospital a reality. On the following pages, we’re pleased to share with you the impact your donations have had on patient care, and our vision to continue to offer the high-quality healthcare our community deserves. Thank you for Joining the J and investing in the health of our community. Jim Sweetlove Chair, Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation Board of Directors Anissa Hilborn President, Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2017-2018 3