Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2017 Donor Report 2017 - Page 4

From the Foundation
Dear friends ,
Over the past year , we have invited our community to come together in support of local healthcare . We ’ ve asked you to Join the J , both literally – last October in Spencer Smith Park as we formed the world ’ s largest human letter J – and figuratively , as we believe that by working together , we can make big things happen . And with your generous support , you are proving that to be true .
As a community you have come together to help make the new Michael Lee-Chin & Family Patient Tower and the future of healthcare in this community a reality . And we want to say thank you for your generous support .
There is more work to be done to provide this community with the healthcare that we all envision . Renovations to our existing tower will continue through 2018 , and we continue to need your help to support the ongoing critical needs of the hospital .
Thanks to the extraordinary leadership of the Pasquale and Anita Paletta Family and their match challenge we have raised more than $ 57 Million towards our $ 60 Million Our New Era Campaign goal . Our community has responded to the Paletta Family ’ s challenge and have continued to support our hospital with over $ 3.5 Million raised , and matched by the Paletta Family for a total of more than $ 7 Million raised since the Match Challenge was announced in September 2016 .
On the following pages , we are proud to share the stories of some of our donors and the impact their support is having on care . Your investment in our vision is truly transforming local healthcare and making a difference in the lives of our community .
Thank you once again for Joining the J and supporting leading practice healthcare close to home .
Jim Sweetlove Chair , Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation Board of Directors
Anissa Hilborn President , Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation
Donor Report 2016-2017 3
From the Hospital JBH 2016/17 by the Numbers Dear friends, On August 21, 2017 we officially opened the doors of the new Michael Lee-Chin & Family Patient Tower at Joseph Brant Hospital. This marked a milestone in our ongoing journey to ensure Burlington and the surrounding communities have a state-of-the-art healthcare facility for many years to come. Joseph Brant Hospital has been serving Burlington for 56 years. When we first opened our doors in 1961, we served a population of just more than 47,000. Today, we serve over 185,000 people. It has been almost a decade since the idea of expanding and renovating JBH was first envisioned, and it is a testament to the dedication and hard work of many in our community, including you, that our new patient tower is a reality. Without your support of this project, we would not be providing care in a new Joseph Brant Hospital, and for that we say thank you. Like 56 years ago, when the residents of Burlington came together to build our community Hospital, we have once again rallied together, to get behind a cause that we all truly believe in. New Operating Room 4 Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation New Oncology Clinic But there is more work to do. Over the next year, renovations to our original tower will continue as we update technology, and refresh the look and feel throughout the building. Our former main entrance, emergency department and cafeteria will be completely redeveloped to create a new Ambulatory Care Centre with a focus on outpatient clinics, and expanded Diagnostic Imaging Unit to meet the needs of our growing community. We look forward to the future of healthcare in our community. Our journey continues as we focus on improving the patient experience and meeting W"f6`676FR6&RBWV'6W'f6RWfW'FRC"s#0VW&vV7f6G0Sc2VVW0c662FVF7G0B֖GvfW0WrFVB&ФBR@Dԕ54066VFVvvVVG0sBÃ3U%2`dTDTU"4U%d4P2CW&2fFWv&W6FVBB4Tc3BfVFVW'0##303cÃSDt5D0trU0WrVW&vV7FW'FV@7GVFVG0G&[email protected]2#BR@5U$tU$U0sbC"RB"4$Rd4E02spB5U$tU$U0WrVG&6RBG&VФF"&W'B#b#pP