Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation Donor Report 2017 Donor Report 2017 - Page 16

Thank you to all the incredible volunteers who support healthcare in our community Teaching the importance of giving back as a family Volunteering as an investment in community and personal development Supporting healthcare runs in the family hospital, rather than the charities the school had supported in the past. “It was thanks to Mrs. Derrick who opened her door, ears and heart to a 12-year old wondering and questioning “why not, could we, what do you think” that made it happen,” she said. As a result of her initiative, Fern Hill School made a five-year pledge in December 2014 to raise $100,000 in support of the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation. ALEXANDRA TODD, LEFT, HAS A LONG HISTORY WITH JOSEPH BRANT HOSPITAL Joseph Brant Hospital has been a part of one-third of Alexandra Todd’s life, so giving back to the hospital is something she looks back on as inevitable. Her father is a pharmacist, and her mother is a physician who received her training and started her career at JBH. “For a period of time, JBH was at the centre of many events for my family,” she said. “As my mother was starting her career, my grandfather was in palliative care at the hospital, so even when we would go for a walk by the lake, the hospital was always close in sight and thought.” For Alexandra, hearing stories from her parents about how rewarding and special 16 Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation certain experiences with the hospital have been, and how kind the staff are, as she’d spend time at the hospital with her mother. “I was able to wait for my mother on the weekends in the pediatric ward, and it was very uplifting to see so many smiling faces of nu rses and parents with their newborns,” said Alexandra. “Despite my experiences with my grandfather, it showed me that the hospital was not always a place for sad news or illness.” As a student at Fern Hill School, with its own incredible history of fundraising, Alexandra was inspired to approach the Principal to suggest redirecting some of the funds raised to their own community Alexandra continues to volunteer with the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation, and has recently been an active member of the planning committee for the Join the J community kick off in Spencer Smith Park last October, and as a participant on the Youth in Philanthropy discussion panel last winter. For Alexandra, supporting healthcare goes back to the care her grandfather received over six years ago. “I always remember how kind the staff are, going above and beyond for my grandfather,” she said. “Not only the excellent doctor, but also the angel nurse who got him Yorkshire pudding to stimulate his English appetite. She was not just the nurse giving his medication, but also the one attending to his pain, suffering, and got to know him as a person.” AILEEN, ELLE, HUGO AND RICK BARRETO For the Barreto family, having quality healthcare close to home has led to their volunteering with the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation. “Unfortunately we have been faced with medical conditions that require us to be monitored by various healthcare specialists. We have been very fortunate that a lot of these healthcare providers are located in Burlington, but not all,” said Aileen. “We live in an amazing city that deserves a great hospital with all of these resources so we don’t need to travel to other cities.” Aileen and her husband Rick, along with their children Hugo and Elle have been giving back since 2015, beginning with the CAAAR! 3 on 3 Road Hockey Tournament. And the key is the opportunity for the entire family to get involved. “It is important that our children learn that there are different ways to help your community and that giving your time doesn’t cost you anything except heart,” Aileen said. “We love that by volunteering with the JBHF, our children feel a part of the new hospital.” Rachel Alvarenga sees healthcare as essential for quality of life, and volunteering with the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation as an honour. Since November 2016, Rachel has been supporting the events team at JBHF and has worked closely on events including Trivia Night and Crystal Ball. “I volunteer because it is a great opportunity to learn and be part of my community,” she said. “I feel like I am benefiting as much or more than I’m helping, and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in personal growth or just giving back to the community.” For Rachel, supporting the JBH Foundation is an investment in her community. “The JBH Foundation raises funds to support the critical needs of many areas including mental health, palliative, maternal and child,” said Rachel. “It is a significant force in making a difference and bettering the lives of many people on a daily basis and to be able to be a modest part in this far-reaching process is very rewarding and I am really proud of it.” Donor Report 2016-2017 17