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“ As a family , we would not be putting our dollars here if we didn ’ t believe that change was happening .”
and others , the Paletta family was learning about the change in process and culture underway at Joseph Brant Hospital , and the impact it was having on care and staff morale .
“ As a family , we would not be putting our dollars here if we didn ’ t believe that change was happening ,” Angelo said . “ I ’ m telling you firsthand that there is change for the better .”
The adoption of the LEAN principles of management , and Kaizen sessions where staff can provide feedback and ideas to management , provided an understanding of the open lines of communication , and the corporate and personal commitment to making positive changes .
“ While in the ICU , I noticed the board in the hallway with multiple green sticky notes with suggestions from staff , and responses from management as to what has been implemented , and what was still being reviewed ,” said Angelo . “ Staff and management are listening to each other , and morale is improving .”
During tours of the existing hospital , and through their own experiences it was clear to the Paletta family that the existing hospital was too old , and that our aging community needs a better hospital close to home .
“ Now is the time to provide the community with the best hospital , the best equipment for doctors and nurses and staff to do their jobs ,” said Angelo . “ The exciting thing is that the doctors , nurses , and staff want to help and want
to make our hospital better . I ’ ve seen it and I ’ ve heard it .”
“ Let ’ s be realistic . No one wants to come to the hospital for a vacation , even for a few days . Deep down inside , in the back our minds we want to know that if we need the hospital for ourselves , or a loved one , the facility , the equipment and the staff are there , ready , willing and able . And we are asking you to please help us get to the finish line .”

“ As a family , we would not be putting our dollars here if we didn ’ t believe that change was happening .”

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Celebrating ‘Super’ Care Through Monthly Support Music Therapy Provides a Positive Start for our Smallest Patients and their Families “We find that families do enjoy having the experience, and parents especially appreciate the added touch of comfort it provides.” Monthly donations provide reliable, timely funding for critical needs and support healthcare close to home. For newborns and their parents, being in the hospital for any amount of time can be a cause of tremendous anxiety and stress. And for those who are in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or Level 2B nursery, the experience can be both isolating and overwhelming. Thanks to a grant from the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Joseph Brant Hosp �F��2&VV�&�RF�&�f�FR�W6�0�F�W&��v��6��2&VV�6��v�F�FV7&V6R��f�B�B&V�B熖WG��GW&��r�VF�6�&�6VGW&W2�&�f�FP��V��vgV�7F��V�F�����B7W�'@�FWfV���V�B����f�G2�( �vRf��BF�Bf֖ƖW2F�V�����f��rF�RW�W&�V�6R��B&V�G0�W7V6��ǒ&V6�FRF�RFFVBF�V6��`� ���6W�'&�B��7�F�f�V�FF���6��f�'B�B&�f�FW2�( �6�B6�F��ƗfW"Ф���Wv��B���vW"��FW&���@�6���Bb&�fW76����&7F�6R�( ėB&V�ǐ�F�W2&�f�FR6�֖�r�B6��F���p�V�f�&���V�B��BvR6�6VRF�R�6�F�fP���7B�B�2�f��r�( ХF�R�W6�2F�W&�7BW6W2F�ffW&V�B���G0��b�W6�2W�W&�V�6W27V6�26��v��r����fV�V�BF��W6�2�����r��7G'V�V�G2���BƗ7FV��rF��B��"7&VF��r�W6�0�F�&�f�FRFV��&'�F�7G&7F���g&�Ц&V��r����7�F��B�V�2F���Wf�FP�fVVƖ�w2�b�6��F����( ��W"7Ffb�6�V���2�f��rF�P�F�W&�7B��F�RV�B��Bv^( �&R������p�f�'v&BF�W��F��rF�R&�w&Ц7&�72�W"V�F�&RV�B��F�RgWGW&R�( Ч6�B�ƗfW"Ԇ��Wv��B�2f�&�W"&�VF�2��bWFW'6Vশ�Wr6��WF���rv2w&��r����V'��#B��Rv27VffW&��rv�F�v�B�P�6��VB�( �������rG'�6�Vv�( �F�@�v6�( �BvWGF��r�&WGFW"���f7B���0�'&VF���rv2&V6��R��&R�&�W&VB��FW7�FRF�R'6V�6R�b����w&�v��r6��6W&�VB��RV���6�VB��0�g&��BF��"�F���VB����B&�6VVFV@�F�72�WBआ�2�V��&�W2�bv�B�V�VB�W�B&P�����B��6�VFRF�RT�G2GFV�F��rF𦆖�����2���R�G&�7�'F��r���F�F�P��'V��6R��BF�Rf֖Ɩ"6�V�B�bF�P�6�&V�V�&�WFRF���6W�'&�B��7�F���6�V�B�^( �B�V&B��F��W2GW&��p���26&VW"�VƗG��V�F�6&R6��6RF����R��^( �0�6VV��Bf�'7B��B�v�V��Rv��RW��F�R��FV�6�fR6&P�V�BB�$���Rv2��f�&�VBF�B�R�@�7VffW&VB�V'BGF6���"WFW'6V��2����VB�W"FVF�6FV@�F���'26�V"v�F����F�ǒF��F���F�F�R��6W�'&�B��7�F�f�V�FF�����"WFW'6V��2&WGW&�VBF��$�&VwV�&ǐ���F�R�V'26��6Rf�"&VwV�"6�V6�W2���B�2&V6V�fVB( �7WW.( �G&VF�V�BV6���BWfW'�f�6�Bg&��F�R7Ffb�v���P�6�2&R( ƧW7BƖ�Rf֖ǒ��r�( ����F�ǒv�gG2����F�vWF�W"F��fR�G&V�V�F�W2��7Bf�"F�V�G2�@�F�RFVF�6FVB�VF�6�&�fW76����0�6��֗GFVBF�&�f�F��r6��76���FP�6&RB��6W�'&�B��7�F��2'W&Ɩ�wF��&W6�FV�B��R6VW2F�P�G&V�V�F�W2w&�wF�F���r�6R�@�V�FW'7F�G2F�R���'F�6R�b�f��p�F���"&W�'B#b�#p�0