Joseph Brant Hospital 2017 Annual Report JBH Annual Report 2017 final | Page 7

ENHANCING OUR CLINICAL CARE Throughout the past year, the methods our healthcare teams use to provide care have been extensively reviewed and redefined to enhance staffing and ensure the best use of staff skills for each of our patients. New Nursing Standards of Care were implemented, establishing a unified focus on safety, quality of care and how standards are balanced with nursing expectations. Our JBH Quality Council, Clinical Leadership Council and Professional Practice Council collaborated to enhance its guidelines for delivering the highest quality of care available for every patient. MANAGING AND PREVENTING OUTBREAKS During this winter’s seasonal Influenza outbreak, JBH held a focused approach on organizing, advancing and communicating ways to manage and prevent infection across the hospital. Infection Prevention and Control staff collaborated with Environmental Services in conducting cleaning audits and testing new equipment to constantly research ways to improve quality and manage outbreaks. As a result, JBH saw a limited number of outbreak days in comparison to other institutions this winter. CONTINUED IMPROVEMENTS: EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT YELLOW ZONE This year, the Emergency Department (ED) continued to build on its successful improvements, making changes to enhance how and where some levels of emergency patients receive care. Our Emergency Department’s Yellow Zone was moved to a newly renovated space to support patient safety, the delivery of quality care and enhance the flow of treating patients in the Yellow Zone. Many compliments continue to be received about care given within the Emergency Department. TRILLIUM GIFT OF LIFE NETWORK Over the past year, JBH actively worked with teams in the Trillium Gift of Life program to increase education and awareness amongst staff about the organ donation options available and to encourage discussing these options with families. Our staff understand the important results these conversations can have, as this past year in one week, five organs were retrieved from two patients on two separate occasions. Having these important, life- giving but often difficult, conversations saw that 100% of potential donors gave the gift of life. Trillium Gift of Life Network recognized JBH as one of their 12 top performers for this result. Thank you to the generosity of patients, their families, the dedication of staff and the work of the Trillium Gift of Life Network. Our Story Your ER Day and Night shift did a fantastic job with my care. I wish I could tell you the name of the first nurse that I saw, however she was excellent. Florence Nightingale would be proud! The remaining staff from registration, X-Ray and finally to the Doctor were professional, understanding and caring. I have unfortunately been to your ER twice in recent months and I am certain that one my first occasion it was the same staff on duty. I am certain without doubt that it was the same first nurse that saw me at the early occasion. I was so impressed with her; the second nurse and the paramedics (on standby), I seriously wanted to buy flowers and send a card of thanks! There really is no words of praise that could express how in my time of need your staff was there and I felt secure and comforted. I would ask that you take a moment of your time to express to these fine people my heart felt gratitude. – Chris Warnick Annual Report 2016-2017 7