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634 volunteers contributed 74 , 830 hours of service :
Family & Patient Services 50,002
Support Services ( Clerical / Office ) 2,735
Gift Shop 9,325
This year Lauren Sobot is the recipient of the Auxiliary scholarship awarded to one volunteer entering Post-Secondary education . Lauren has volunteered in both the day Surgery and Emergency Departments contributing over 380 hours of service . We wish her much success as she starts her studies in Science at St . Francis Xavier University . Congratulations !
Fundraising & Lottery
Auxiliary Board & Office

Our Story

I am writing you to commend your volunteer Marie . On the night of January 10th I came to the emergency department at Joseph Brant Hospital to seek help for acute sciatic pain . As well as the physical pain I was enduring I was also suffering from emotional pain since I had just laid my father to rest earlier that day . A beautiful young lady who was a volunteer recognized my pain and asked if there was anything she could do for me . The emergency department waiting room was fringed that night since it was very cold outside and every time the main doors opened a blast of cold air swept into the waiting area . She offered me a warm blanket which I happily accepted . When she saw that I could not walk she offered me a wheel chair and then a glass of water . Not only did she try her best to make me feel comfortable she also sat with me . I told her that I just lost my father and she shared with me that she had also lost her father at the age of four .
I wanted to learn more about this lovely young lady and she spoke to me about her life and hopes and dreams . Having raised three wonderful daughters
myself I was so impressed with Marie and the woman that raised her . She was every mothers dream . Chatting with her helped me cope with my pain . I asked her what time her shift was over and she explained that she was volunteering until 8:30 and had arranged a ride home at 8:45 . At one point I looked at the clock and it was just after 9 pm . I asked her if her ride was late and she explained that her ride was on time but she had asked her ride to wait so she could care for me . I couldn ’ t believe it . Where did the beautiful person come from ? I felt as though my father had sent an angel to me to help me in my time of pain and sorrow . I am writing you to share this story about Marie and the genuine compassion that she felt for a person in need . It ’ s not every day that you meet a person like this . If there were more people like Marie the world would be a much brighter place . Please pass my heartfelt thanks to her and her mother for a job well done . You should all be so proud that your wonderful volunteer Marie is representing Joseph Brant Hospital . God bless her . – Toni Tiraborelli
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