Joseph Brant Hospital 2017 Annual Report JBH Annual Report 2017 final | Page 17

MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD CHAIR Volunteering Eh! is the theme for National Volunteer Week at JBH this year, in reference to Canada’s 150th birthday. In true Canadian fashion, the citizens of Burlington and the surrounding area have been strong supporters of our community hospital. The evidence of this can be seen in the hallways, at bedsides, and within the waiting areas of the Hospital and Wellness House. Our 634 volunteers contributed 74,830 hours this year, bringing their unique experiences, skills, and enthusiasm to Joseph Brant Hospital. When helping our patients, greeting and directing visitors, or simply offering a listening ear and a dedicated moment of compassion, our volunteers are contributing something irreplaceable to JBH. Their unwavering commitment to kindness is an invaluable strength, and they bring it to JBH every day through the simple act of volunteering. The hospital is abuzz with excitement as the opening of the new Patient Tower fast approaches and the Auxiliary is well underway with its own plans to ensure the bu sinesses are set up for success, including Tim Hortons, the Gift Shop and Daily Vendors. While these retail businesses are tried and true and provide a great source of revenue for the Auxiliary, it is important to recognize that two thirds of our revenue is generated largely by volunteer activity. The Gift Shop, Lottery and our various fundraising events are staffed by a committed army of volunteers who dedicate countless hours of their personal time and consistently deliver outstanding results. Included in these fundraising efforts is our new successful “Downtown Funk” event, hosted last May at the Leggat, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC on Fairview Street, with just over 400 attendees. The success of this event has given the organizing team great momentum and planning is well underway to ensure we have the same success on November 3, 2017! Another of our very successful long-standing events are the Fall and Winter Auctions, run by a dedicated Committee for 18 years. Thank you to our members for your creativity and dedication to hosting these great events. Volunteers support a number of programs and services at JBH, and their role within JBH has grown alongside the Hospital’s transformation. Beginning this year, volunteers are now very active in the Speech Therapy program, encouraging patients to reach their communication goals. Melissa Masco, SLP comments, “The invaluable volunteer support has enabled us to provide a more comprehensive and efficient service to our patients. Most importantly, patients have a greater sense of satisfaction and motivation which is essential to their overall progress and well-being.” Our volunteers also continue to show admirable commitment to long-running programs at JBH. The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. This program assists older patients in returning home from their hospital stay by providing unique interventions and encouraging independence. In these 10 years, over 250 people of nearly all ages have volunteered to help patients comfortably and confidently return to their home or previous living situation. Once again, thank you to our many steadfast, skillful volunteers at Joseph Brant Hospital. Your time, hard work and unfailing compassion is an act of care that reaches the entirety of our organization, and JBH is simply not the same hospital without its volunteers. Through the efforts of the Auxiliary members and staff, the well-managed businesses of Tim Hortons, the Gift Shop, community-based fundraisers and initiatives such as the break open tickets, vendor days and book sales, we are excited to make our 2016-2017 donation to the Redevelopment Campaign for $310,000. These funds will help purchase state of the art patient beds, as part of the Auxiliary’s $5,000,000 pledge – this donation will truly impact the patient experience and quality of care. Thank you and congratulations to all of the volunteers and staff who contributed their time, talents and resources to Auxiliary initiatives and helped make this donation in support of our community hospital. Serena Lee Chair, Board of Directors Mary Lou Tinmouth Director, Volunteer Resources Annual Report 2016-2017 17