Joseph Brant Hospital 2017 Annual Report JBH Annual Report 2017 final | Page 13

RENOVATIONS: OPENING THE MATERNAL & CHILD INPATIENT UNIT AND HOSPITAL PHARMACY This past year, an amazing transformation took place as JBH’s new Maternal and Child Unit was built and opened within the existing hospital. The unit cares for mothers and new babies, infants who need extra care in the Level Two B Nursery and pediatric patients. The unit’s design reflects the design of an inpatient unit in the new Patient Tower – patient rooms have great windows to flood the room with natural light, larger three-piece bathrooms and painted accent walls colours to create a healing, comfortable environment. A new Pharmacy department, that provides medications for all of our patients, also opened this year within the existing hospital. The new Pharmacy features state-of-the- art equipment and technology, compliant with Canadian and US Pharmacy Standards – including a new Sterile Room to safely and accurately prepare medications as well as a new Medication Packager that automates the process of packaging medications, creating a verification system to reduce medication related errors and improve safety for our patients. Our Story “We are proud to have introduced transformative change and a new level of excellence at the Hospital where our goal is to continue to improve the patient experience. With all of us working together we have turned the dream of a new hospital for Burlington into a reality.” – Kathryn Osborne, Chair, JBH Board of Directors CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS Over the past year, the Redevelopment Project progressed on schedule and on budget. By the last snow fall, all major construction was complete, such as flooring, walls and ceilings. With spring’s arrival, construction crews transitioned to commissioning systems and equipment in the building as well as installing the finishes including final painting, installing desks, countertops and equipment. In the inpatient units EllisDon began th e final stage of construction, installing the finishes in the private washrooms and equipment and computer installations in the Operating Rooms. After two years of construction on the interior of the building, this spring patients, staff and physicians could see the daily progress on the landscaping of the exterior of the building as curbs, parking lots and roadways were poured. It has been incredible to witness the progress of construction over the past year and look to the opening of the Patient Tower on August 21, 2017. OPERATIONAL READINESS In parallel to the construction being done inside the Patient Tower, our Operational Readiness team is building the plans, processes and preparations necessary for our staff, physicians and volunteers to work day-to-day in the new Patient Tower. The team worked closely with 35 programs across the organization to plan, support and monitor their progress in advancing the necessary work needed to successfully transition to the new Patient Tower and deliver care in the new units. The work done with the departments this past year has been essential in planning for the patient move into the new Patient Tower, ensuring each step our staff takes is purposeful and efficient, supplies are stored in the best locations, technology capabilities are supported and that every moment of patient care in the new Patient Tower is exceptional. Annual Report 2016-2017 13