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All-in-One Digital Publishing and Content Experience Platform

Empowering Companies to Create and Deliver Personalized, Interactive Content with the Best Reader Experience.


We empower publishers to create, distribute, and analyze interactive immersive digital publications, driving enhanced reader engagement, sustained retention, and maximized ad impressions and revenue.

Enables publishers to create, manage, and distribute interactive and immersive digital content.

Provides detailed analytics for data-driven decisions, including reader engagement metrics, retention rates, and ad impressions.

Integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems, ensuring efficient data syncing and automation.

Offers sophisticated access controls to ensure content security and authorized access.

Enhances mobile readability with tools for content adaptation, ensuring a seamless reading experience across devices.


Joomag's all-in-one digital publishing and content experience platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that:

At Joomag, we're dedicated to your success. With our live chat support responding in under 3 minutes, a dedicated Customer Success Manager

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to ensure your publishing journey is seamless and successful. 



Why us

We understand that as a digital publisher, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your reach, engagement, and revenue.

At Joomag, we're more than just a solution; we're your ideal partner in addressing these challenges. With over 5,000 satisfied users and millions of readers, we've earned our reputation as a trusted solution provider.

Our track record includes collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, further solidifying our commitment to excellence and innovation.

We make creating and distributing digital publications easy, measure their performance, and drive revenue growth and ROI with data-driven insights and feedback capabilities.

Choose Joomag, where creating and distributing digital publications is not just a task, but a journey toward success.

Case Studies

A top US

tech firm,

UK Based Wholesale


A leading US media and

publishing company

leveraging Joomag's platform, transformed its internal communications, amplifying employee engagement by a staggering 250%.

The digital transition enriched their internal magazines with interactive features, fostering deeper content engagement. Integrated CRM and advanced analytics facilitated feedback, enhancing departmental coordination by 40%.

This innovative approach redefined internal connectivity, cultivating a more unified and engaged workforce.

embarked on a strategic shift to digital coupon booklets with the primary goal of enhancing member engagement and realizing significant cost savings.

By leveraging Joomag's platform in 2020, they successfully phased out the need to print 53 million booklets.

This transition led to a staggering annual savings of over $10 million, considering the combined costs of printing and shipping within the UK. 

tapped into Joomag to give their niche magazines a lively, interactive twist and to dive deeper

into understanding their readers.

This smart move led to readers spending 170% more time on their content and the company gathering 2x much valuable info about their readers, fostering their email-marketing, newsletter and advertising efforts.

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