Joomag Case Studies - Gazelle STL - Page 3

Challenge For Cillah Hall, founder of Gazelle STL, a top-line women’s magazine was the perfect opportunity to reach out to a community whose goals and inter- ests aligned. According to Hall, women are bonded by the problems they share; relation- ships, for example, or finding a healthy balance between one’s work and personal life. Gazelle STL was quickly transforming into a national brand via print, but needed new and innovative ways to keep pace with its rapid growth. Goals A digital transition: Hall intended to supplement her existing print business model with a digital component so readers could access content instantly. Interactive content creation: adding interactive features to the magazine would also be necessary to bolster reader engagement. Effective distribution: to extend its reach to a mass audience, Gazelle STL needed a way to notify subscribers whenever it published a new issue. Analytics: And to gauge reader activity/interest, the magazine would need comprehensive tracking analytics.