Joomag Case Studies - Century 21 - Page 5

Results With a newfound, streamlined corporate communications business model in place, Century 21 happily reported its results to Joomag. Reader base: Since it’s cooperation with Joomag Century 21 succeeded in gaining a solid and loyal reader base. Interactive elements like videos, photo galleries and hotspots, used in the newsletter, made the publication compelling and increased the reader’s engagement with the content. As a result, the average session duration reached almost 6 minutes. More interest: Century 21 currently has 37 offices with over 600 agents and, thanks to Joomag, now has more than half of its staff taking an active interest in its monthly newsletters. D’Amico had also praised Joomag’s hyperlink feature, stating that it was his company’s “favorite part. If a vendor sends us an ad to use in our Online Moving Guide, once we upload it, the links connect directly to their site!” With Joomag, organizations simply get more. More solutions, more results, and more business!