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JOBS RESOURCES Whether you are self-employed or in a full-time job, getting yourself motivated is essential for leading a happier and more productive working life. Almost any job can get boring and tedious at times, but getting motivated does not have to be as difficult as you might think. Once you change your state of mind, your career or business can start moving forward and you can start looking forward to improving your life in a multitude of ways. Here are four ways to motivate yourself at work, whether you are a freelancer or in a regular employment position. Focus on the Rewards People spend too much time thinking about the hard work involved in meeting a goal. While it is important to have activity goals, particularly as a freelancer, it is also essential to think about the rewards. If you are in a regular job, you can motivate yourself by thinking of your next payment date. Perhaps you’ll have enough money to buy something that you’ve had your eye on for some time or even go on a short holiday. Think about the rewards of your work and this will help to motivate you to do a better job and perhaps, ultimately improve those rewards. Compete with Others Competing with others in the workplace might make you a little unpopular in certain situations but, it also gives you the opportunity to prove your skills and valuableness to the people who you work for. Work itself can actually motivate you and, by working harder and doing a better job, you will likely be able to open up a whole new world of opportunities in the future. Take a look at others around you who perhaps aren’t doing quite so well. Come to realize your potential and build up confidence in your skills. Create Goals for Yourself Creating goals is particularly important as a freelancer, but there are also situations in regular employment when it can be a good idea to create your own goals. In a regular job, you will probably already have pre-defined goals, but there’s no harm in making your own as well. If you can get your work done quicker, you might even be able to go home early or, even better, eventually get a pay rise or promotion. Creating your own goals is important for empowering yourself and becoming motivated at work. LSG Take a Break Last but not least, take a break when you can. If you are self-employed, you’ll generally be at liberty to take a break whenever you want. In regular employment, you should be legally entitled to a short break at least once per working day. Generally, what you do and where you go during this break is entirely up to you. Make the most out of this time of the day to get a change of scene and do something a bit different. Why not have lunch at that nice café that you might have had your eye on or go for a wonder around your favourite part of town, for example? Using your free time wisely is essential for getting motivated in any line of work. u SPENCER FREE CONSULTATION Fee Deducted From Settlement Hablamos Español LAW GROUP Kelly P. Spencer & Associates 252-HELP (4357) • 1.800.980.0207 535 Wellington Way / 3rd Floor • THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT DECEMBER 4 – DECEMBER 10, 2015 9