Jobs Magazine December 4 – 10, 2015 - Page 10

GENERAL SECTION INSIDE GENERAL section EDUCATION section HOSPITALITY section INDUSTRIAL section MEDICAL section New Donors: Donate plasma today and earn up to $400 this month!* PROFESSIONAL section Who knew I could earn money and save lives. SKILLED TRADES section 1840 OXFORD CIRCLE, LEXINGTON, KY 40504 • 859.254.8047 817 WINCHESTER ROAD, #140, LEXINGTON, KY 40505 • 859.233.9296 TRANSPORTATION section WORK AT HOME section *Applicable for eligible, qualified new donors. Fees vary by weight and location. New donors must bring photo ID, proof of address and Social Security number. Redeem at your nearest donation center for details. JOBS RESOURCES section Center staff scan to enter payment comment. JOBS is a proud product of SAMPLER PUBLICATIONS STAFF John Brokamp / Publisher Yellow Cab IS FOR YOU! Janet Roy / Director of Creative Services JOBS Magazine can be found in 19 central Kentucky counties and is distributed to over 1,500 locations. For advertising rates 859-225-4466 Download the media kit at © Copyright JOBS Magazine 1996-2015. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of the material in this magazine in whole or in part without written prior consent is prohibited. Articles and other material in this magazine are not necessarily the views of JOBS Magazine. JOBS Magazine reserves the right to p X