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Size guide

Size guide

Jobman offers a wide range of sizes , particularly for trousers . It is important to choose the right leg length for trousers with kneepad pockets , so that they are correctly positioned on the leg . All of our men ’ s trousers are available in three size categories . C sizes with normal leg length , e . g . C50 , C sizes with long leg , e . g . C150 , and D sizes with short leg , e . g . D96 . If you are not able to try on the clothes in the shop , you can take your measurements to ascertain the right size . Take your measurements while wearing close-fitting underwear and do not pull the measuring tape too tight . See the size chart on the next page .
A | Chest
Measure the circumference around your torso at the widest part of the chest / bust .
B | Waist
Measure the circumference at the same level as your belly button or at the narrowest part .
C | Hip
Measure the circumference around your hip at the widest part .
D | Inside leg
Measure from the crotch down to the sole of your foot . Make sure the tape is straight .