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Executive Summary § ¦ ¨ £ ¤ O 795 US 70 70 SMITHFIE LD LD E US 7 £ ¤ US 13 Seymour Johnson AFB Noise Military Compatibility Area (MCA) 13 0 H WY EL RK BE EY Legend Noise MCA ASH Noise Subzone Goldsboro 65 DNL Seymour Johnson AFB 70 DNL 75 DNL 80 DNL AR R IN G 85 DNL TO N Installation Boundary Municipal Boundary US 7 1 US £ ¤ Stream / River 0 £ ¤ 3 Water Body 70 Interstate 13 T S BILL US Highway State Highway Local Road 581 LANE T S Railroad 111 Airfield Surface Area b a 117 Source: Seymour Johnson AFB, 2015. RO US E CH A L AL EN Installation Boundary PO W EL County Boundary Municipal Boundary L PO P RID LAR GE E LL UZZ £ ¤ Stream / River Water Body US Highway State Highway 70 Local Road Railroad T S 111 LEAFW OOD TT BE AX KE LA CK WA DO LL AR D A EN TO W N ST JOHN CHURCH ROBIN LAK ERIK OU E TLAW Safety Subzone Accident Potential Zone II FAIRM Y AD BR SC NS OT ET T T IA CH UR CH US MA EM S YO K R Legend Airfield Surface Area FOX S TT PO PO I DA LLA LANE T AN GR 11 1 O LD Seymour Johnson AFB Safety Military Compatibility Area (MCA) Accident Potential Zone I C KNO OLO ROLLINS LLS N IAL D OO EY GW IN BILL AY AW RR K CA REE C ER AV BE CA S BOY KIN SP RI WARD NG BRO GDE N 581 LAKEW OOD T S N CA PE W RO AD AR HE IS DA IR TOM Y HER RING Miles Safety Zones L PE 3 W 70 LE AN FOREST RID SHE 1 Clear Zone R WHITE NG S LO US C LL RO MARSHALL Seymour Johnson AFB E NE RE ELM NO RLE E CREEK DO RIS Goldsboro D OL HAM T AN GR ROYALL S HT IG HE GATEWAY HAR RIS 1 US CENTRAL NEW HOPE E NC Y E SP ASH ELM £ ¤ 13 E EL RK BE ½ 13 US ROYA LL T S BE ER YL CU FOREST HILL US L T HE CH FIRST UR CH IA OR NE AY W M ME AS H L IL M G US 70 RA NT HA M EV ST S EN 0 Source: Seymour Johnson AFB, 2015. 0 ½ 1 Miles 7