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Our mission is to bring passion and aesthetics to your workday . J . Harvest & Frost is built on the belief that aesthetics , quality design and precision craftsmanship play fundamental parts in our lives . In other words – we believe in order to thrive and find our passion while we work - we need to surround ourselves with things which inspire and encourage us .
We are a work shirt brand for men and women - and in order to succeed in our mission , and become “ fuel for your passion ”, we offer well-made , detailed and affordable work shirts of the highest quality . We aim to be that undefinable , yet powerful , intangible asset which aesthetics represents in your workday . J . Harvest & Frost was established in 2014 as a result of a collaboration between two brands − James Harvest Sportswear , rooted in U . S . college fashion with worldwide distribution and Frost , with its focus on tailored , well-cut garments in a small scale . Two excellent concepts brought together in one brand .
We started on a journey to develop our lines of high quality work shirts for men and women .
To be there with you – everyday - at the workshop , the office or at the pub – we set out to develop a collection of shirts which would meet the needs of those occasions . Quality , durability , and ruggedness became our lodestars .
We found inspiration in early 20th century fashion , as well as books , movies , brands and classic designers . We were determined to create something unique – but still at affordable prices . We wanted to make each garment something we would ’ ve loved to wear ourselves .
Still , people ’ s expectations and needs changes , so we realize , with delight , that our pursuit for that perfect work shirt will be never-ending and we ’ ll continue our journey and search for the best fit , materials , details , stitches and techniques .
Making these products demands a holistic view on design , and we recognize that aesthetics are more than visual beauty . We live by the rule that quality design is the sum of three inseparable variables ; excellent craftsmanship , the best materials and integrity .
So , while we ’ re on our quest to give you that little bit of extra beauty in you workday – rest assured – we have got your back . Work hard – and put all your energy into your own dreams . We ’ ll make sure you ’ re always dressed for the occasion .