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J.H&F J.HARVEST & FROST is all about fine workwear. We create the clothing to take you from the office to the dinner party in the same day – making you look and feel at your best. We are constantly seeking new performances and reinventions. Our dedication and passion result in high quality fabrics, perfect cut and the luxurious feeling you will experience when wearing a piece of our collection. We are step by step diminishing our carbon and envi- ronmental footprints. Looking excellent while doing it. J.Harvest & Frost concept divisions The Black Bow – our top of the line garments. Full featured, truly classic shirts with state of the art Nano treatment against spills, pre-pressed sleeves and Never Iron treatment. Green Bow – our classic collection. Here you find our single color products. Timeless classics that will never go out of style. Non Iron treated. Red Bow – our classic collection with a twist. Our well-worked shirts with contrast details to suit different situations. Non Iron treated. Purple Bow – our trend collection. Here you find our latest, most fashionable products. This collection is always changing to meet the needs for fashion today and tomorrow. Non Iron treated. Indigo Bow – Our indigo bow line is all about washed and worn. It is the worker’s shirt that is already worked in. Enjoy our tribute to leisure. Yellow Bow – this is our roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work shirts. Solid colored classic shirts with modern tailored details. Easy care treated. Enjoy our tribute to hard work. In our mission to make you look and feel sharp and smart; we also offer high end blazers, coats and accessories. J.Harvest & Frost at your service. m a k i ng t he f i n e r w e a r w o r k