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Monash ’ s Young Scholars Program is a short-term internship that offers an exciting opportunity to engage in research and community outreach activities before you begin your Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine studies . You ’ ll be involved in ongoing major research projects under the guidance and close mentorship of leading researchers . This experience will help you explore your passion in medicine , develop a broad suite of study skills , and get a unique head start in your academic and personal development .
What will you gain from this internship ?
• Exposure to research culture in the finest facilities and a greater appreciation for the medical research and innovations that shape the medical profession .
• Individual supervision from experienced clinicians and academic scholars .
• Weekly instruction sessions in research methods and data analysis .
• Work with our partner agencies and non-governmental organisations to connect with local and wider communities .
• Critical thinking skills and an understanding of scientific methods that will be invaluable in your future medical studies .
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