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Towards a better future 1 Medicine at Monash 2
• Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine 4
• Bachelor of Medical Science ( Honours ) 9 Psychology at Monash 10
• Bachelor of Psychological Science 11
• Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business 12
• Bachelor of Psychological Science ( Honours ) 13
Change starts with you 14
• Master of Biomedical Science 16
• Master of Professional Counselling 17
• Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Science 18
• Doctor of Philosophy 19
Our medical curriculum prepares students to practise evidence-based medicine while recognising the personal attributes of the patient – an important competency to have in providing the best healthcare possible .”
Professor of Medicine at the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences .
With nearly 300 published articles on diabetes and endocrinology , Professor Khalid is one of Malaysia ’ s most influential medical researchers . He was honoured with the Tun Abdul Razak Research Award in 1986 , the Asia Pacific Society Clinical Nutrition Award in 1996 , the National Science Award Malaysia in 1997 , and was the joint winner of the prestigious Merdeka Award for medicine , science and technology in 2008 . An alumnus of Monash , he credits the University for giving him a solid academic foundation to pursue his dreams as a consultant endocrinologist and professor of medicine .
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