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Diabetic nephropathy is a common complication of diabetes and the leading cause of end stage renal failure that has affected two million people worldwide . Monash researchers are running clinical trials to study the effects of tocotrienol-rich vitamin E with results showing improved kidney function in patients , even up to nine months after the doses were stopped – a promising treatment to delay the progression of this serious disease .
Recent research has suggested that curcumin , extracted from the spice turmeric , may be effective in helping to treat cancer . Using colorectal , cervical and prostate cancer cell lines as models to understand the underlying mechanisms responsible for antitumor activity , we ’ re studying the compound for its anticancer properties . This is expected to lead to the future development of novel anti-cancer therapeutic drugs .
Snake venom consists of a complex mixture of several toxic proteins and enzymes with a wide spectrum of biological activities that may have anticancer properties . Our researchers are isolating and testing proteins in the venom of the Malaysian arboreal viper for the cytotoxic activity and growth inhibiton of malignant cancer cells , providing clues for the development of anti-cancer drugs .
Gene therapy introduces genetic materials into cells to treat diseases . The ability of synthetic small interfering RNA ( siRNA ) to effectively silence genes has made them well suited as a drug therapeutic , but its delivery has remained a major hurdle . Our researchers are working on pH-sensitive carbonate apatite as a highly promising solution in delivering siRNA therapeutics for pre-clinical and clinical cancer therapy , resulting in significant death of cancer cells .
Monash gave me many opportunities to explore and develop new leadership and research skills . I received research training from world-class teachers , had access to sophisticated facilities and equipment , and was supported with travel and research activities . I traveled to various countries to present my work and worked in labs at KU Leuven in Belgium , Naresuan University in Thailand , and the Chinese University of Hong Kong .”
Doctor of Philosophy ( in the area of Neuroscience ) Postdoctoral Fellow , University of Montreal Hospital Research Center ( CRCHUM ) in Canada
Uday is driven by his desire to improve the quality of life for people living with epilepsy . As a student at Monash , he studied the effects of embelin , a plant-based compound , against epilepsy-induced memory dysfunctions in zebrafish . He continues his work at CRCHUM , where he ’ s developing the zebrafish model for targeted anti-epileptic drug treatment and the discovery of a new plant-based medicine . In recognition of his achievements as an early career researcher , he was awarded a CAD90,000 research grant by the Canadian government .
Malaysia has the highest rate of diabetes in Asia , with seven million expected to be diagnosed with the chronic disease by 2025 .
Professor Dato ’ Dr Khalid Abdul Kadir is exploring compound acids as a sugar substitute and an antioxidant to reduce diabetic complications .
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