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Make a difference to the lives of others with one of the most rewarding careers .
If you ’ re interested in psychology , you ’ d be curious about human behaviour and experience . We leverage on that very spirit of enquiry to challenge you to critically think about yourself and those around you while being aware of gender , ethnicity , class and race-related differences .
Our courses are designed to ensure that you ’ re able to comprehend the discourse of the discipline , present a persuasive argument on relevant topics , develop interpersonal skills , and learn the ethical principles of psychological research and practice . You ’ ll be equipped with skills in handling human-related issues and addressing the challenges faced by contemporary societies .
How you ’ ll learn
You ’ ll be exposed to multiple mediums of learning including lectures , lectorials , tutorials and labs , where you ’ ll be encouraged to actively engage in debates and open discussions . Your development in multiple domains will be tracked using a rich mix of assessment modes such as online quizzes , exams , reports , presentations and lab journals .
What you ’ ll learn
Apart from studying the core areas of psychology and pursuing your individual interests in the range of areas relating to its application , you ’ ll master a set of transferable skills including :
• communication ( oral , written and non-verbal ) and presentation skills
• computer literacy
• critical thinking and logical reasoning
• interpersonal skills
• numeracy ( statistics )
• organisational skills
• problem-solving
• research skills ( design , management , interpretation , analysis , critique )
• teamwork and leadership
• time management and goal setting .
If you ’ re an undergraduate student in psychology , you ’ ll learn with MyPsychlab , which was developed to enhance our blended learning model . MyPsychlab is an online personalised learning system that integrates modern online resources with face-to-face teaching . You ’ ll enjoy :
• personalised study plans to meet your learning needs
• access to a rich set of resources , including simulations , videos and research articles
• multiple opportunities for testing and feedback
• interactive lectures by leading research academics .