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KPT / JPT ( R2 / 721 / 6 / 0002 ) 11 / 25 - MQA / SWA0160
Gain an appreciation of the way in which research informs the practice of medicine .
This course offers medical students and graduates an in-depth understanding of research in a variety of areas such as biomedical science , public health , clinical medicine and medical education . You can choose from an array of research streams and match your interest to the respective projects .
You ’ ll be embedded in a research setting with renowned researchers , and exposed to various technologies and research methodologies from a wide range of clinical and laboratory settings . You ’ ll learn skills relating to data analysis and the communication of scientific ideas in oral presentations and a written thesis .
There are many advantages in opting for this additional year . Graduates have felt a significant improvement in their ability to practice evidence-based medicine .
Course structure
This course consists of a combination of coursework and research . In the coursework component , you ’ ll develop advanced research skills in your area of focus . In the research component , you ’ ll plan and execute a research project under the individual guidance of an academic supervisor .
Entry requirements
This course is only available to medical students .
Completed the first three years of the undergraduate medical program at Monash University
Average requirements
Credit ( 60 %)
Completed two years of the graduate medical program at Monash University .
Three or more years of a medical program from another institution considered by the Faculty of Medicine , Nursing and Health Sciences to be equivalent to the above .
English : Monash ’ s minimum requirements apply .
1 year February , July and November
RM43,878 Malaysian student
RM50,295 International student 2021 fees per year
CAREER PATHS This course will prepare you to be an evidence-based and research-skilled clinician . In the increasingly competitive clinical fellowship and graduate scenario , the degree will be an advantage in obtaining training and scholarship positions . This can be a pathway to research degrees such as a master ’ s or PhD .
This course gave me the opportunity to learn from two amazing tutors and to acquire additional research knowledge and skills . The journey was short but intense , and I ’ m proud to say I ’ ve grown so much in that year .”
Bachelor of Medical Science ( Honours )
Social Welfare Officer of Monash University Medicos Society .
Adam is currently completing his housemanship at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah in Kedah . His honours research studied the effects of fluid balance on the clinical outcomes of critically ill patients .